hello friends
i started a project where my nanopi M1 need to interact with two computers and one usb flash drive
As far as i know,a computer has the following interfaces:
rs232,ethernet,hdmi and"usb"
since i do not have RS232 in my computers,I am using usb for the speed and the simplicity,and of course the hdmi and ethernet over suite my application because i simply want to exchange data.
i do some research about usb protocol and i end up with the following results :
1-A USB network have only one host and many peripherals(devices)
2-a device can not do anything without the permission of the host
3-the tow computers are specified as hosts
4-a device can not speak to another device
As a result,the used microcontroller need to have two usb ports specified as devices to to interact with the computers and another one specified as host to interact with the flash drive(simply saying)
i have three questions:
1-can a micro have at the same time a usb port defined as a host,and another one defined as a device?is the term "specified" even true?
2-what do i need to connect two usb port together because i know it is not as simple as the uart port case?
3-does the nanopi M1 board have what it take to do the job?please look at the picture
Thanks in advance