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USB external GPS and Waze

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Hello all!

Issue here... maybe someone has been here before. So I have an external USB GPS module and it works as well as I can tell - I have the classic BU-353S4. It works very well with google maps, maps go, and possibly others. Waze, however, will not pull from it. As far as I can tell, waze uses the gps data that comes from the OS itself, which in the case of the nanopc-t4, does not come integrated. After using the "here you are GPS" app, it takes the external data and passes it to the OS that is then used by at least google maps and maps go.

Has anyone come across this problem and poked around at a solution? It seems there's an internal barrier from the os to waze, and this barrier doesn't seem to phase google maps.
Good day, Daitaro!
Try to use UsbGps (https://f-droid.org/en/packages/org.bro ... .provider/ for example).
There is "replace internal gps" checkbox, maybe this will fix your problem.

Best regards.
I use a SIM7600E-PCIE module to provide a GSM connection and it also comes with a GPS as part of the module.

Simcom offer various Android RIL for their modules and a GPS drive that hooks into the OS and instructions on how to build this into the OS. I've used this with 5.1 and 8.1 as they have not released anything higher than 8.1 so far.

You can get a USB to PCIE adapter to connect the module to the T4.
I've gone ahead and ordered the SIM7600NA-H for my needs.. I have a sierra wireless MC8775 but it doesn't provide 4g or gps access. I was using a usb gps device, but if I can integrate gps from this new device, we'll be in business. Now to just wait the one to two months... lol.

How hard was it to integrate the RIL? Any tips?
The RIL is easy if you follow the instructions from SIMCOM. I think Android 8 is the current highest support.

https://techship.com/downloads/simcom-3 ... and-guide/

You'll need to register to download it.

Good luck. Let me know how you get on with it. It needs to be connected to USB for it to work.

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