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How to set camera exposure time?

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Hi All.

Does anyone know how to set the camera exposure time manually?
I am using Android 8.1 with OpenCV-dual camera mode.
And I can see params.setExposureCompensation() in javaCameraView.java of OpenCV Android SDK.
The above API seems not enough to see the contant preview quality. My camera preview shows the inconsistent display. brightness or contrast seems vibrate.

Please give a suggestion if you have about exposure and WhiteBalance Gain....and so on.....

Thanks in advance.
Best Regards,
It was a bug in RkISP1 driver, which to allowed to set manual exposure, which was fixed in Rockchip repository in April 2019.

Looks like this fix was not integrated to FriendlyElec Android/Linux images(at least until 20200916 build) - so it's no way to set manual camera exposure right now(but can be possible in future)
The way you explained how the iso, shutter and fstop related to one another was pure genius. I am new a photography and was having a difficult time understanding the relationships between the three see settings but now I am starting to grasp it. snaptube vidmate word to pdf

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