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Fix for Battery Saver mode /Sleep mode?

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Hi fellow developers,

I have a T4 board with the latest android 8.x.x image from Friendly Elec.
Most things seem to be working fine, but there is one mayor issue i noticed.

It seems impossible to put the board in power saver mode or sleep mode.
i'm using the boards with a touchscreens and this is causing mayor burn-in since there is no way to turn of the screen.

Power save mode and sleep mode should be basic features native to android 8.x.x but in the Friendly Elec rom these don't seem to be fucntional...

Settings>Battery>Power Saver Mode (this option is greyed out, so unable to configure it.)

Also the option
Settings>Battery>Power Saver Mode is not functional (not greyed out, but sleepsettings have no effect)

Also the board is using much more power then necessary since it does not seem to go into sleep mode and use 'doze' functionality.

Anyone have a clue how to fix this?
Can this be adresssed in the next android image of Friendly Elec?

Thanks in advance,

Kind regards,

Hi Joe,

I just noticed that even if I set the Sleep in display settings to 1 min, it does not sleep, it simply dims the LCD brightness.

I have no idea where in the code this is controlled but I will work on this as I also need this feature. It works on the T3 so no reason the T4 should not either.


PS.. I have a GITLAB account with the source. I have not yet committed the changes yet but will do once I fix the sleep.

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