Hello all,

I am developing a video streaming device that streams video to youtube.
For this, I am using NanoPi NEO Core2 as an SBC. It runs on
"Base on UbuntuCore, Kernel: Linux-4.14" os version as mentioned on http://wiki.friendlyarm.com/wiki/index. ... _NEO_Core2

Along with the SBC, I am using its shield to use peripheral ports like USB, ethernet, and debugging port.
For capturing video, I am using a Logitech c920 webcam.

Here I am facing two issues :

1. Hardware Issue
When I connect Logitech C920 camera with NanoPi Neo Core2
via mini shield, it freezes. I am unable to understand whether it is due to the power issue, or is it due to driver issues.

2. Network Issue
I am using TP-LINK USB WIFI dongle ( TL- WN725N ) to connect to the high-speed internet. TPLINK dongle on its package, claims it can provide 150mps network speed. However, I am getting 5 to 8 Mbps, provided I have a 25 Mbps upload and download speed plan.

It also loses network connectivity frequently, which causes inconsistent video streaming.
When I make a ping request to the SBC from a second computer within the same network, it gives loss -10-12% pings request.

Ethernet is also giving the same kind of result.
I am using NMCLI as a network manager.
SO is it because of nmcli or some other component creating an issue?
Please guide me in the case; I am doing anything wrong for connecting to the internet.
Does anyone experience the same kind of issue related to internet connectivity with nano pi neo core 2?

Mini shield: http://wiki.friendlyarm.com/wiki/index. ... Core/Core2
TP-link: https://static.tp-link.com/2018/201810/ ... 725N(EU&US)_3.0_datasheet.pdf
Logitech c 920 camera: https://www.logitech.com/en-in/product/ ... ebcam-c920