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Nano Pi M4 - Friendly Desktop - hostapd errors

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I have installed an eMMC card to a 4G Nano PiM4 and loaded Friendly Desktop lubuntu LXDE 18.04

Whenever I try to do an apt-get upgrade or install a new package, the system shows a long string of hostapd errors.
Why is this?
Is there something I can change to solve this?

I understand hostapd is for providing DHCP addressing if used as an Access Point.
I am able to configure the Nano Pi M4 to operate as an Access Point without any problems using the built-in Friendly Desktop GUI configuration.

This Nano Pi M4 has great performance and RTC Real Time Clock works well with an optional battery connected (but I had to buy the RTC battery from a different supplier because I couldn't find it on your web site, and not shown in the option list.)

Thank you
Same here. This has only happened in the last few days after apt update upgrade. It isn't in the Friendly OS install (which is a few months old).

It's also not causing me any issues - but then I'm only using it for surfing, emails etc.
everything is very simple ))
sudo service hostapd stop
sudo apt-get autoremove hostapd
It might seem simple, but now my Node-RED installation is broken.
The webserver user interface won't open and the application start script keeps running in a loop and will not start.

This is not the answer to my question!

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