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How to install Ubuntu system at the SSD M.2 NanoPC-T4:arm64

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Who can prompt the utility Remastersys analog, for arm64 platform what will allow to unload the adjusting image of the *.iso format with a possibility of a marking of SSD M.2 on / home, / tmp, / swap? :?:
this can be done manually, with a few copy/sym-link commands (and config for swap).
PS: pls, be careful with moving /tmp from system disk, since it can be used during start-up before mount
Thanks for the answer. About symbolical links knew, only not absolutely I meant it. :idea: Between times checked when loading from adjusting SDcard, installation hangs in tty1, in tty2-tty7 it is possible to log in as root (password fa), and from there, I think, it is possible to mark through fdisk SSD as it is necessary also assembling points before process of installation to create.
Full transfer of a system from Nand-memory on SSD NVMe for NanoPC-T4, with a possibility of loading from it, to me, so far so to execute and it was not possible. If someone from you realized it, share experience. It can be possible to disconnect at an installation stage the built-in memory for a while Isn't it? ;)

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