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Camera under OpenCV not working for NEO4 and NANO-T4

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Two days ago I found out the camera doesn't work as it should under OpenCV on the NANOPC-T4:
VIDIOC_QUERYCTRL: Inappropriate ioctl for device

Now my NEO4 arrived, installed OpenCV and low and behold.. same error when trying to open the camera by index.
No surprise since both use the same kernel source, but still hoped it would work.

Can we please get proper v4l support so cameras in OpenCV work.
NoXQS wrote:
Can we please get proper v4l support so cameras in OpenCV work.

as I wrote in MCAM400 topic, OpenCV is working on RK3399 board via V4L with CSI cameras (you need a latest build from 201812, since it include proper camera support for both 13MP & 4MP cameras), but with some issues(only full resolution, and no RGB\BGR image on output - looks like NV12 used)

PS: I use M4 board, but as you mention, they all use same hardware/software

upd: link to PNG from my camera - you can see only 2 of 3 patterns due to only 1920x1080 monitor resolution, but 3rd channel present too. changes to lower resolution just freeze my board

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