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NanoPi M4V2 Memory ram chip

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I planing to make a board based on NanoPi M4V2, basicaly I will put all my stuff in one board only, And I'm following the diagrams available on wiki at page 5 it says LPDDR4_200BALL in place of the LPDDR4 ram model And I have no ideal which one to use.

I'm using Eagle CAD

How can I find the model or reference?

You could use any LPDDR4 200 ball memory chip and just make changes to the kernel to support the timing.

Looking at the M4 board images on the FA website, the manufacturer appears to be Rayson and part RS512M32LZ4 but Google comes up with nothing the Rayson website doesn't show any memory. Suspect these are manufactured in China for FA.
Thanks for reply,
I trace the brand to Rayson website but no datasheet on:




I sended an email asking for datasheet to szrayson but no reply until now.
I sended a mail to FA support and now replay too until now.

I dont know how to edit the kernel I'm using M4 as base of my project I dont know how to change any of the already existing hardware, And my board din't arrived yet.

Nice find. Good luck getting the datasheets. You'll probably find that FA support is slow or doesn't even reply. I've been trying for months to get something from them.

Have you done this type of design before?

The reason I ask is that you are going to need to handle high-speed design with the LPDDR4 to the SBC. I am not familiar with Eagle other than using it to load existing designs to check them, so does it have differential and length matching capabilities?

No It's my first time, for now I'm just copping the diagram from pdf to eagle to use the design of M4v2 as starting point, after that I will add some buttons and sensor and stuff like that, this way I end with one board with all the stuff i need with out hats and breadboards and lose wires.

Thanks I will try my luck

Thanks for help
OK, good luck with it but pay attention to the LPDDR4 lines. You need to control these for length matching. Have a look at the board when you get it and see all the little traces that meander between the CPU and the RAM. Failure to do this will result in memory errors and probably slow speed operation only.

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