I use nanoPi NE04 for viewing video from image sensor.

The image sensor is connected to the CSI camera port interface.

When the image sensor is connected directly, all is OK.

When the image sensor is behind "SER-DES" pair, no MIPI frame is received by the RK3399 CSI module.

I validate with scope - the MIPI signal on the CSI input connector is correct and valid.

Are there any tuning option for the rk3399 CSI module that could improve the reception?
Are there any hardware connection guidiiance?

Is someone have good experience connecting TI DS90UB954 de-serializer to rk3399 CSI?


** SER-DES pair: I use TI DS90UB953 as serializer and DS90UB954 as de-serializer.
For the rk3399 this pair is transparent - it communicate directly with the image sensor.
Only the MIPI transmitter is different.
But as I wrote above, the MIPI signal is correct and valid.