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NanoPi 4Mv2 boot problem with eMMC

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I get a new NanoPi 4Mv2. It was mounted on the heatsink and boot from eMMC.
Unfortunately he boots very reluctantly from the eMMC card. If the Pi is cold, there is no change that it boots. It simply hangs itself during the boot process. Since the Pi is a bit warmer the boot process works sometimes. Only after the computer has reached a temperature of approx. 35°C it runs reasonably stable from the eMMC. The problem does not exist when booting from an SD card.
Additionally the devices (keyboard, mouse, SSD) are sometimes not recognized with 2 USB3 ports.
I use an original power supply for the Raspberry 4.
Is there a hardware problem?
I received a m4v2 just this week... the Android 7.1 image on the emmc boots fine, regardless of the board temp.

I've had my own problems getting the board to boot with emmc in place and the eflasher image on sd.

others may be more able to help you with more detail as to your image, etc.

where did you get this board?
I've been using a M4 v2 for a month or so now.
Boots off a 64G eMMC - but running FriendlyCore (Ubuntu 18.04).
It's in my basement and I've booted it many times - cold and warm - no issues with mine.
Only time I had a problem was when I left a micro-sd card stuck in the slot. When I took it out and restarted the system, it booted fine.
The problem has disappeared. No more problem with the emmc. I think, it was a problem with the software.
Thanks for your help.
Sorry for the thread necromancy, but this is precisely my issue.

I've finally gotten around to using my NanoPi M4. I used win32diskimager to write rk3399-eflasher-friendlydesktop-bionic-4.4-arm64-20200409.img onto a 128gb MicroSD. It booted and I used ssh'd to root@ with password 'fa', and installed FriendlyDesktop, apparently without any issues.

I selected the 'shutdown' option in the final menu, then removed the MicroSD, and replugged the power.

Mostly it doesn't boot at all. Sometimes I get to see a "FriendlyElec" splash graphic, and then the boot apparently stalls.

Any idea what I'm doing wrong?

Thanks in advance
Just FYI I ended up instead installing Armbian Bionic onto my eMMC and all is going well so far.
If you have a USB to TTL cable, hook it up to the debug port. It is the best way to see what is happening with your board during the boot sequence.

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