NEMS 1.5 for NanoPi M4 has been released, and I'm very proud of the evolution of the Nagios Enterprise Monitoring Server.


The M4 preforms exceptionally well. In fact, it sits in the #3 spot on - though in fact since the first 2 slots are taken by two variations of the ODROID-N2 (2GB + 4GB models) technically the NanoPi M4 is our #2 SBC in both performance and value for the money.

Get the free download at

I do plan to port NEMS Linux to other FriendlyElec boards as well, beginning with the NanoPi NEO Plus2, followed by the NanoPi Fire3-LTS. I also have plans to port to the NanoPC-T4 though I have yet to get one on hand for testing.

I hope you'll give NEMS Linux a try and look forward to hearing from you!