I have a M4, the running OS is from rk3399-sd-friendlydesktop-bionic-4.4-arm64-20181219.img.zip.

Before apt upgrade, the kodi can start, but can"t play the video with hardware acceleration, glmark2-es2 works fine.
But now, both of them doesn't work completely.

I also tried the image LibreELEC-RK3399.arm-8.90.013-rock-pi-4.img.gz.
The hardware acceleration works fine when I played a 4K HDR movie.

I found in its /lib/modules/<kernel version>/drivers/gpu/arm/, there is a midgard driver folder here.
I think this is the driver of mali gpu.

But in our friendlydesktop, I can't find the file.
Is this normal for us?

Could you please show me how to make hardware acceleration work?