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Is buildroot supported on nano pi m4v2

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I have cloned buildroot but it does not have commands for sd boot image.
http://wiki.friendlyarm.com/wiki/index. ... igurations

$ ./build.sh -
processing option: -
Usage: build.sh [OPTIONS]
Available options:
BoardConfig*.mk -switch to specified board config
lunch -list current SDK boards and switch to specified board config
uboot -build uboot
spl -build spl
loader -build loader
kernel -build kernel
modules -build kernel modules
toolchain -build toolchain
rootfs -build default rootfs, currently build buildroot as default
buildroot -build buildroot rootfs
ramboot -build ramboot image
multi-npu_boot -build boot image for multi-npu board
yocto -build yocto rootfs
debian -build debian10 buster/x11 rootfs
distro -build debian10 buster/wayland rootfs
pcba -build pcba
recovery -build recovery
all -build uboot, kernel, rootfs, recovery image
cleanall -clean uboot, kernel, rootfs, recovery
firmware -pack all the image we need to boot up system
updateimg -pack update image
otapackage -pack ab update otapackage image (update_ota.img)
sdpackage -pack update sdcard package image (update_sdcard.img)
save -save images, patches, commands used to debug
allsave -build all & firmware & updateimg & save
check -check the environment of building
info -see the current board building information
app/<pkg> -build packages in the dir of app/*
external/<pkg> -build packages in the dir of external/*

Default option is 'allsave'.
$ ./build.sh sdpackage
processing option: sdpackage
Skipping build_sdcard_package for missing configs: RK_UPDATE_SDCARD_ENABLE_FOR_AB
We will give more focus to package folder, as our main interest will be to customize the https://testmyspeed.onl/ packages installed in our image.

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