all my NanoPi Duos have the same MAC address for wlan0.
In my setup I have multiple Access Points from multiple NanoPi Duos and the problem here is that all have the same BSSID (derived from the MAC address).
I am using hostapd and dnsmasq.

What I have tried so far (unsuccessful):
- Change the mac address via udev
- Change the mac address via /etc/network/interfaces with a pre-up hook
- Change the bssid in hostapd.conf

In each of these cases the MAC address has been successfully changed but it was no longer possible to create the Access Point. With unchanged MAC address the access point worked well (but has the already mentioned problem in case of multiple NanoPi Duos).

Is there a way to change the MAC address in a good way?
Is it perhaps somehow possible to change the MAC address stored in the wifi hardware?