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NanoPi Duo2 IoT-Box::Problem Working with GSM/GPRS Module

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following the instructions from http://wiki.friendlyarm.com/wiki/index. ... PRS_Module

gives an error importing the serial.
(apparently, pip install --upgrade pip is not a good idea, this will creates a import main issue which many are facing. so i omitted that step and go straight to installing the pyserial)

after trying to change path, include path etc, with no avail, i went on to try to connect to the GSM using minicom with the parameters in the sim800c-test.py
which is /dev/ttyS3 and 115200
after keying in the AT command and enter, nothing happened.

do i need to enable/disable any of the Serial port from npi-config?

my setup :
Power using the IOT-BOX board micro-usb and turning the switch on.
using dbg UART serial TTL to USB
SIM card inserted.
image used was official nanopi-duo2_sd_friendlycore-xenial_4.14_armhf_20190121
found the answer
the modem is switched off by default,
use gpio mode 16 out
gpio write 16 1
to turn it on
and the serial will work fine

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