I have been using the new NanoPi A64 with the Ubuntu-Mate build dated 20161129. I was experiencing some strange issues until I realized that the file /etc/hosts was empty. This is usually populate with at least the loopback address, like this:

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::1 localhost localhost

Leaving this file empty can result in some difficult to diagnose errors with various programs...

Also, while ALSA was included the alsa-driver module was compiled without the loopback. This is described here:
https://www.alsa-project.org/main/index ... _soundcard
See "Now unzip and install the alsa-driver package:" under "Quick Install". Please include the loopback in the next Ubuntu-Mate build!

The other ALSA related question that I had was about the SPDIF output that is available on the GPIO header. This does not appear in the list of output devices, for instance when I run 'aplay -l'. Do I need to enable that somehow? How can I make use of spdif out for audio data?

Apart from some minor HDMI color issues that I have had on other AllWinner based boards the OS release seems to work well for me.