H3 sys_config.fex Configuration Directives (About cvbs)

Configuration: Configuration Directives
adver_disp: 0:do not hotplud for lcd; 1:need hotplud for hdmi/tv
auto_hpd: Supports hot plug detect configuration; (1:support 0:donot)
output_type: Displays output to the default configuration(0:none, 1:lcd, 2:tv , 4:hdmi, 8:vga)
hdmi_channel: Hdmi channel default configuration
hdmi_mode: Hdmi output default configuration
cvbs_channel: Cvbs channel default configuration
cvbs_mode: Cvbs output default configuragtion(11:PAL , 14:NTSC)
ouput_full: boot logo full-screen (H8 must be 1)
hdmi_mode_check: The system has a function to detect whether or not the connected monitor supports HDMI mode.
This option specifies whether or not to enable this function(1: enable, 0: disable).

adver_disp = 0
auto_hpd = 1
output_type = 4
hdmi_channel = 0
hdmi_mode = 4
cvbs_channel = 1
cvbs_mode = 11
ouput_full = 1
hdmi_mode_check = 1

configuration: Configuration Directives
tv_used: Whether to use CVBS
tv_dac_used: Enable the tv driver module
tv_dac_src0: Chohse the tv function, cvbs is 0

tv_used = 1
tv_dac_used = 1
tv_dac_src0 = 0