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rootfs_qtopia_qt4 compilation

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i am new to the Friendly arm mini-2400, how we install SDK in ubuntu 14.04

how we compile this u-boot,kernel and rootfs , please share steps

it would be appreciated someone will help

Best Regards
Sounds like an ambitious project! I worked with the min2440 for years and never attempted that. This is a quite old product, any chance of using something a bit more capable like the NanoPi or one of their newer products?

I vaguely recall people trying to run Debian or Ubuntu on this platform, so you had better start Googling.

Good luck!

I have compiled rootfs ,by issuing below command # mkyaffs2image 0 rootfs_qtopia_qt4 rootfs_qtopia_qt4.img

it generated 200MB my NAND flash size 64 MB, so how can i compress rootfs_qtopia up to 40MB ??
how can i sefely remove unncessary files from the rootfs

Please any one suggest me

Best Regards

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