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NanoPi K1 Plus eMMC boot

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Hi, I bought NanoPi K1 plus and I am trying to make it boot from emmc which I bought from FE, too. I tried both Android and eflasher and failed. Problem is, FE didn’t explain good enough. There are some misleading lines of text on FE wiki page.


They said that I have to “insert a TF card(at least 8G)” in my pc and start “flashing the Android image to eMMC”. If I insert TF card, how can I flash emmc? After that they said that I have to insert TF card to a Nano pi and boot up the board, After that, to power it down, take out TF card and boot it again. This time from emmc.

What to burn to TF? What to burn to emmc? Do I have to burn Android image on both? What to set on Phoenix tool for TF, and what for emmc? To select Product on both burning processes? Or some have to be Product and some have to be Startup?


They said to burn image file to TF. Which one? There are two in .tgz file I downloaded from FE drive, boot and rootfs. What to do with emmc? Should I burn something on it or just to insert it on board? If I need to burn something, then what?

As you can see, bunch of crossroads. If someone made to boot this board from eMMC, please, explain me how.

Thank you in advance.
After sending a mail to FriendlyArm they change some lines of text on wiki page.

Now it says:

For Android, burn Android image on TF card as a Product. Insert TF card in K1 Plus. Insert eMMC module on K1 Plus (format, empty). Power the board and Android will be written from TF card to eMMC. After it is done, power it off, take TF card out and power it again. This time it will boot from eMMC.

It does not boot from TF at all. I have waited for a half hour. Green LED does not turn on. I burned Android image you provide as a product with tool you provide. I insert it on K1 with eMMC. Power it up and nothing. Any idea why it is not working?

For me there are few solutions:

1. K1 is not good
2. eMMC is not good
3. Android image is not good

This is all from FriendlyArm. If so, i think i will have to ask my money back. Simple as that.

Power supply is ok, because i boot this board with Android image from TF which is burned as a startup. Beside, Linux images (all of them) is working fine. On TF of course. TF is ok, as i boot from it Android on this same board.

If any solution, i am all ears.

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