Hello, I'm trying to setup a wireless access point and print server on the NanoPi R1S-H3 but am having some difficulties.

On FridendlyCore (Ubuntu 20.04):
---> I can setup the latest CUPS version https://www.linuxbabe.com/ubuntu/set-up-cups-print-server-ubuntu-bonjour-ipp-samba-airprint#:~:text=%20Set%20Up%20CUPS%20Print%20Server%20on%20Ubuntu,Because%20macOS%20and%20most%20Linux%20desktop...%20More%20 with the latest gutenprint (sudo apt install printer-driver-gutenprint) and successfully print

---> The problem is I can't get the wireless access point to work. I'm following the instructions here: https://raspberrypi.stackexchange.com/questions/89803/access-point-as-wifi-router-repeater-optional-with-bridge/89804#89804
---> I am able to start hostapd alone without a problem and can see the SSID on other device but when I got to connect I get a message saying WPA: invalid MIC in msg 2/4 of 4-Way Handshake
--> I also cannot start hostapd with the virtual interface (accesspoint@wlan0)

---> It seems that there are no valid interface combinations: when I run sudo iw list | grep -A4 "valid interface combinations:" the result is nothing/null.
--> This may be due to outdated driver for the wireless interface? I'm not sure. Are there any drivers available that might solve this issue?

On Friendlywrt-v19.07.1 (OpenWrt 19.07.1):
- In the "Wireless Overview" section, the default "FridentlyWrt-XXXXXX" is disabled. Toggling the enable and disable button doesn't help. I can add my home routers SSID but it is also disabled in a similar manner and can't be enabled.
- Also there is no CUPs package available in this case, so its likely not a good solution for a print server

The end goal is to have a print server and a wireless access point so that I can print through a wireless device like a phone. If anyone knows some documentation or has experience with creating such a setup that will be greatly appreciated.

Thank you