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Future of H5-CPU boards?

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I did hear that FriendlyElec (and other companys) have problems buying H5-CPUs - so maybe Allwinner is phasing out the H5?
" Sorry, we can't buy the h5 chip now. It will be difficult for us to continue to produce NEO2 Black boards. "

So it seem bad for H5-boards like Neo2 (black) / Neo Core2 :(

Do you got an idea what will be the next cpu with mainline support for board in like Neo2 size?
Any CPU from Allwinner or from another manufacturer?
The US distributor for FriendlyElec, ArmWorks (andahammer.com) said this on their website, in addition to announcing they're switching to OEM and custom sales and not distributing to retail users in the US:

Allwinner H5 is EOL. Designs that use the Allwinner 64-bit H5 Quad Core SoC (ARM cortex-A53) are discontinued due to Allwinner ceasing manufacture of the H5. The affected systems include NanoPi NEO Plus2 V2.0, NEO Core2, NanoPi K1Plus, and NanoPi NEO2. New version of these boards are in design and test with the Rockchip RK3328, which has the same ARM cores and matching IP for the various I/O and video processing. The new versions are (nearly) pin-for-pin compatible. The RK3328 based NanoPi R2S is already in production and selling very well.

That makes sense that the RK3328 section of the FA Forum is already up, and includes information on the NanoPi R2S. Interesting that a chip build for set-top video ends up in these networking applications.

My greatest concern would be for industrial designs that relied on the Neo Core 2, with its ESD protection. I don't think it was an "LTS" product.

I realize this post is some weeks old, but I'm an enthusiastic new user and wanted to add a little more info.

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