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Compatibility of NanoPi NEO2 black and 1-bay NAS Kit v1.2

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The question is rather simple:

Does 1-bay NAS kit (the PCB to be more precise) work with the NanoPI NEO2 Black SBC?

The PCB is listed among the accessories for NanoPI NEO2 Black for ordering but there are some clear differences between NO/NEO2 and the Black version: the number of GPIO pins is different and their role is also different. Both the data pins (USB2.0) and %VDC in/out are on different positions.

IMO the Black version of NEO2 and the PCB for NAS are incompatible with each other. Is this so? If yes, then the option for a NAS board should be removed from the page for NanoPi NEO2 black and the compatibility should be clarified somewhere and somehow.

I would like to know the same before I place the order.

Is neo2 black compatible with. 1-kit Nas dock?

Also anyone officially maintaining the support? Also I dont like omv anymore as I've been using it since few years but might move to nextcloud with smb/cif/nfs.

I would appreciate a quick reply from the friendly arm team.

F. K.
Manjaro ARM Team.
Looks like my post is still under review, so posting another one.

After reading alot I see that neo2 black face different gpio pins so it won't be compatible with 1bay nas dock kit.

While neo2-1gb is out of stock all over online stores. If there is any way I can buy 1gb model then please advice.

Also I would need the uboot and kernel source for it so I can port it to Manjaro or Arch linux and maintain it as I see the debian OMV is outdated. While I would prefer nextcloud over omv.

I can build new distro for it if it is upstreamed to mainline kernel as I read uboot was mainlined few years ago.
Looking forward for positive response from friendly devs.
F. k.
Manjaro ARM Team.
spikerguy wrote:
I see the debian OMV is outdated.

Armbian (Debian) is fully up 2 date with OMV 5 or Nextcloud with tons of improvements on top of mainline (K5.4.y, K5.6.y) sources ... :)

I think Neo2 black is not compatible.

spikerguy wrote:
is upstreamed to mainline kernel as I read uboot was mainlined few years ago.

Not everything was mainlined and something will never be ...
Hi Igor,
I see you here :D

Well every SBC manufacturer is depending on Armbian devs. As I use Balbes kernels for most of the devices I maintain at Manjaro ARM Community :D
I see Armbian is maintaining support for Neo2 which is good to see as there is mainline 5.4 support :D

I think I would be able to add Neo2 support to Nextcloudpi but I cannot find 1gb version of neo2 while I think 512mb is quite low for the nextcoud use.

I don't know, Maybe I will look for 1gb version on this forum if there is anyone looking to sell his/her's.

Can someone from FriendlyArm team confirm if they will produce 1GB version of Neo2?

Hello @admin and @FATechsupport,

I tried to purchase from your official store but it doesn't seem to get shipping cost to my country. I have dropped an email to contact us. If it cannot be send to my country then maybe I should purchase it from Aliexpress?

Also is there any plan for Neo2-1GB version?

After doing some more research. I found that some supplier are selling 1bay nas kit dock with the claim that neo plus2 is supported.

I am not sure of this compatibility claim. If anyone can confirm if I can use neo plus2 with nas kit then it will be very helpful.


I compared Neo/Neo2/Neo Plus2 and found all have the same GPIO pin and connectors only thing is Neo Plus2 is a big longer which will make it stay outside the case which is not a problem.
is the comparison image.


Comparison Image
I cannot find any specification of JSM567 as mentioned on the datasheet of the NAS Kit.

I can only find JMS576 so I assume it is a typo on all the datasheet provided by FriendlyArm ?

Can anyone confirm?

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