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spi display or any other?

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Hello Guys,

Is it possible to (has anyone tried) to connect a display (SPI, I2C,etc) to the NanoPi NEO?
Any HOW TOs available on this?


all displays sold by FriendlyArm require a NanoPi 2 (perhaps because of it running on Debian).
So not even Neos bigger brother M1 (Neo+GPU+HDMI) is mentioned as supported.

On the other hand simple Arduinos are able to drive LCDs, it is just a question of having the needed libraries.
Once I did play with Arduino and the very small (84x48 monochrome) Nokia 5110 display based on this youtube video, that provides complete code to drive the display:

So you may take eg. a popular 320x240 LCD and port the Arduino library to Neo. Or you try RasPiArduino or PiDuino library projects to compile the Arduino code for directly running on (Raspberry) Pi and see whether they work with NanoPi Neo as well.

Hey Hermann,

Thanx for the reply and sorry for replying so late.
I kinda got frustated and gave up on connecting the display. But thank you for the new information. I will give it a try today and will be let you know how it worked out.


PS: On a completely different issue, have you been successful in manually changing the script.bin file using linux-sunxi tools, specifically bin2fex tool? Let me know if you know anything about this.
I just found a graphic library for Nanopi Neo/M1 today.

wertyzp did post WiringPi library ported to Neo/M1:

And "examples/clock.c" mentions a graphic library that should run with wertyzp's WiringPi port on Neo/M1:
* clock.c:
* Demo of the 128x64 graphics based LCD driver.
* This is designed to drive the parallel interface LCD drivers
* based on the popular 12864H controller chip.
* This test program assumes the following:
* (Which is currently hard-wired into the driver)
* GPIO 0-7 is connected to display data pins 0-7.
* GPIO 10 is CS1
* GPIO 11 is CS2
* GPIO 10 is RS

I don't have a 128x64 display based on 12864 controller to try it.
And there are different versions, needed is the one with 8 parallel data lines DB0-DB7.
I found it on aliexpress

but bought it a little bit more expensive on amazon.de because delivery time is shorter:

Will test that display when I will have received it,


I recently ordered (two) 5$ 480x320 displays (3.95") for Raspberry Pi:

Perhaps that display will work with Neo/M1 as well, it has 26pin connector, and Neo has 24 pins with same layout. Pin 25 is GND and available at several other places. Only pin 26 CE1 may be a problem ...

It is not clear whether driver side may be a problem or not. ILI9488 driver is needed, but Neo kernel only contains ILI9486 driver (linux-3.4/drivers/staging/fbtft/fb_ili9486.c). Both are for 480x320 displays, differ only wrt colors (262K vs. 16.7M).
Hello guys,
About NanoPi M1 how to use spi display, you can read this link and it provides us the source code and sinstruction:http://wiki.friendlyarm.com/wiki/index.php/Matrix_-_2%278_SPI_Key_TFT

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