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Is it possible to disable the blinking blue LED?

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Is there a way to disable the blinking blue LED? In the night it is too bright.

There are two "easy" options, but I think you are looking for the third ;-)
1. physically remove the LED (eg. with screwdriver), I did similar with dangerous diode for battery charged RTC module
2. Disable blinking code in firmware and rebuild it
3. find some command/setting that allows to disable/enable blinking

Perhaps somebody from Friendlyarm can help on 3?

Found it out.

To turn the heartbeat off:

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echo none > /sys/class/leds/blue_led/trigger

To turn it back on:

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echo heartbeat > /sys/class/leds/blue_led/trigger
Thanks for that information!
Doing "cat" of that file seems to give the allowed values, with current value in square brackets:

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root@FriendlyARM:/sys/class/leds/blue_led# cat trigger
none mmc0 timer heartbeat backlight [gpio] default-on

none, time, heartbeat and default-on have obvious visible effects.
If you want it crazy you can let blue led on heartbeat and set green led (from "defaut-on") to timer ;-)

Not sure what mmc0, backlight and gpio are good for.
Is there any spec or document where this infomation can be found?


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