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Running+Powering NanoPi Neo completely from USB2UART

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Yesterday I learned how to connect to a Raspberry Pi Zero via USB2UART connector:

The same setup works with NanoPi Neo as well (USB2UART switch to 3.3V, connect RXD/TXD/GND with NanoPi Neo TXD/RXD/GND, and connect 5V from cable soldered at USB2UART USB connector with NanoPi Neo 5V). I learned how to connect to NanoPi Neo via UART from cnxsoft posting, especially this photo from that posting wrt. UART pins on NanoPi Neo:

I was surprised that NanoPi Neo can be operated from laptop USB which does not provide 2A, but as the photo below shows only 240mA are needed on idle.

Here you can find the complete bootup messages from 115200 8N1 /dev/ttyUSB0 minicom session:

The startup temperature is 49°C at bottom, but I have seen 82°C under load as well.


Just realized that the NanoPi Neo board itself provides the UART pin information itself!

While it is nice to "minicom" into a networkless Pi Neo, it would be better to "ssh" into it via USB-OTG, because then a basic network between the NanoPi Neo and the connected desktop/laptop would be established over the USB cable and networking code could be tested without ethernet cable connected.

If you know how to get USB-OTG working on NanoPi Neo (or M1, I ordered one two days ago), please comment on this USB-OTG thrread:

Today I received the Nanopi Neo Air I did order 19 days ago.

I wanted to test it directly and not start soldering first.
Therefore I took the SD card from one of my Nanopi Neo and inserted into Nanopi Neo Air.
I connected the USB2ART connector and powered up the Nanopi Air without issues:
(right click for detailed view)

These are last lines in minicom session:

Code: Select all

[   13.233155] systemd[1]: Started Journal Service.                             
Ubuntu 15.10 FriendlyARM ttyS0                                                 
FriendlyARM login: root                                                         
Last login: Sun Sep 18 00:16:18 UTC 2016 on ttyS0                               
root@FriendlyARM:~# dmesg | grep -i wifi                                       
[    3.599100] [rf_pm]: module power0 name vcc-wifi-33                         
[    3.599169] [wifi_pm]: no wifi used in configuration                         

Different to Nanopi Neo the debug pins are labelled in place for the Nanopi Neo Air.
Be careful, the order is reverted compared to Nanopi Neo.


(right click for detailed view)

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