Hi all,

I've updated my blog with instructions on how to modify u-boot and the kernel to support a 1024x600 IPS LCD from Newhaven Display with the NanoPC T3 Plus board. This will also work with any of the S5P6818 boards with an RGB LCD interface. I've included some minor schematic parts but not the full design. If you want boards, I can offer them. They are a drop-in replacement mechanically for the HD702 but the cost is much higher due to the LCD sourced from the US. I can also supply just the bare PCB so you can source the LCD yourself.

http://embeddedcomputer.co.uk/2019/12/1 ... n-ips-lcd/

It is a hack for now as FriendlyArm is unwilling to help with a custom ID for this board. This is not an issue if you are only using the one LCD with the NanoPC T2 Plus.

Let me know what you think?