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Poor customer support from FriendlyArm

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I am very disappointed by the poor customer support from FriendlyArm as are many others, judging from other posts in this forum. Even the lack of support directly from them in the forum is apparent.

For months now I have been asking for help with some software for building a custom LCD. They claim that the 1-wire is open source but the actual code for the LCD itself is closed. I do not want to develop new code for this myself as the existing code works when I hack it. FA did supply the HEX for the STM8 but this returns the HD702 LCD ID. We want a custom ID that we can use to detect our LCD.

We have developed an IPS LCD for our Nano PC T3 Plus based data loggers to give us a sunlight-readable display. It all works because we have hacked uboot and the kernel to select this display.

We have asked FriendlyArm for a special version of their STM8 software with a unique ID that we can use to detect the LCD when it powers up and the uboot searches for it on 1-wire but they have so far failed to reply to our email requests for this with just one email saying that the source was closed. We have asked them to only supply us with a HEX file with this unique ID that we can encode the LCD with. We have even sent them the code for uboot and the kernel along with the schematic for our LCD design as a goodwill gesture. The attached images show the display in the prototype carrier. It is designed as a drop-in replacement for the HD702.

Because of their lack of proper customer support, we are stuck just now with hacking the code which means we can't use the same build with the other loggers that use the standard HD702 LCD. :(


Hi v8dave,

From reading your post, it seems that you want a custom ID for your display, hence a 1-wire slave device.

Best would be to take this up with Maxim Integrated, since the 1-wire slave code is not open source and would potentially require licensing from Maxim Integrated.

You can check out the following link which has some info about the 1-wire slave. http://www.fabiszewski.net/1-wire-slave/


Hi Steve,

I am back on this project and I am trying to find out more about the 1-wire slave implemented by FriendlyArm. I am not sure they use the exact same protocol as the Maxim bus as that would require licensing.

Their source for the STM8 is closed so I hooked up a scope to the bus to see what the data looks like. I captured one packet setting the backlight so will see if I can work out how the data is encoded and time for each bit.

I can't actually find out much about the bus protocol used and the source code for the backlight doesn't give any great hints either.

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