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Custom LCD with Nano PC T3 Plus

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For anyone working with the FriendlyArm board but limited by the LCD choice, it is possible to design your own if you know how to create a PCB and modify the kernel and u-boot.

Here I have designed with a Newhaven 7.0" high brightness LCD as the existing HD702 is not bright enough (900 cd/m2 compared to around 300 for the HD702). This is 1024x600 and IPS so the viewing angles are very good. The display is LVDS so I have an RGB to LVDS conversion on the PCB behind the LCD. This is similar to the one used on the HD702 but this LCD only requires a single 3.3V supply so makes the PCB layout much simpler. Because the traces are so short, I have not had to do any length matching on the LVDS lines and the display is rock solid.

The LCD frame I machined from acrylic was the same dimensions as the current HD702 on so that it can fit into existing enclosures. I have also machined 2 more from black and white Delrin which looks much better as the colour is denser.

I had to modify the kernel and u-boot to include the timing for this display. I am still waiting for FriendlyArm tech support to help with the 1-wire side as I need a custom ID so that the display is an automatic selection. So far they have not replied to me on this. Shame, as I see lots of potential for their boards with my own custom LCD's. It just means I can't have a fully automatic LCD selection and have to write a customer kernel for each LCD I use. :(

If anyone is interested in getting an alternative display for any of your FriendlyArm boards that is either LVDS or RGB and don't have the ability to do this yourself, drop me a private message and I'll get back in touch?


At work we developed a driver for a MIPI panel and works correctly. We don plan 1-wire integration but if you need help jsut send me a message ;).

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