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Setup 14 inch LCD LVDS with nanopi m3

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Hi Experts,

I tried connecting 14'' LCD(LP140WH2) to M3 board using LVDS but only black screen shows up once i switch on the M3. LCD displays white before i switch the M3 board on.
LCD is working fine if i connect to LCD driver board and then connect M3 via HDMI. Looking for help to configure LCD directly to board without using driver board and HDMI.

Just an update.
Nanopi m3 LVDS is still not working. I tried installing both Android and Debian.

Any pointer will be appreciated.

Have tried running something like minicom on your host, connecting to the target using a interface like PSU-ONECOM and looking at the boot messages?
Sorry,I was not aware of minicom utility as i am new to hardware and Linux stuff. But thanks for pointer. I will share the messages returned by this utility. PSU-ONECOM is not required because i have working HDMI setup.


please and please test all hardware before produce new dev board
I am waiting info about M2 board PMU hardware
I checked minicom but didn't find anything related to LCD setup. Also installed lcdproc lcd drivers but no luck.
nanopi M3 LVDS still not working.

Please let me know if i am missing anything.

lshw and hwinfo also don't show LCD connected to LVDS port. It seems that the hardware is not getting detected.
Both utilities shows exact same output before and after connecting the LCD to LVDS port.

Please suggest if there is any other way I can debug or also try to write device driver if someone can guide me properly. I currently don't have any experience in writing device drivers.

Hi FriendlyArm,

I think LVDS is not yet fully supported on nanopi m3 board as I was unable to find even a single post where something is mentioned about lvds setup on npi3. Everywhere i can find that LVDS supported by s5p6818 but no way to setup.

Please post If anyone comes across the solution.

Vineet Sharma.
Hello all,
If you guys want to use LVDS interface, you need to modify kernel configuration to let kernel support LVDS,

make menuconfig
Device Drivers --->
Graphics support --->
Nexell Graphics --->
[*] LVDS
(0) Display In [0=Display 0, 1=Display 1]

That you can use LVDS interface, if the kernel undetectable LCD type, you need to modify uboot to solve the problem.


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