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How to resolve PTXDIST : File permission error.

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ptxdist: warning: PKG didn't install anything to '/home/myapp/mylinux/platform/packages/myapp'
*** Warning: The following files have a UID greater than 99.
You probably want to chown these to a system user:

dr-xr-x--- 2 mylinux mylinux 4096 May 1 2015 ./opt/myappsw/myapp
-r-xr-x--- 1 mylinux mylinux 30640 May 1 2015 ./opt/myappsw/myapp/myapp

In my rules file it is:
# create app folder with the correct ownership and flags
@$(call install_copy, myapp, 1000, 1000, 0550, /opt/myappsw/myapp)
# copy binary
@$(call install_copy, myapp, 1000, 1000, 0550, $(MYAPP_DIR)/bin/myapp, /opt/myappsw/myapp/myapp)

It is not allowing to complete the package install
Thank You
Had a look for gmane ptxdist and it appears to be down. I know the mini2440 group has been archived at https://www.mail-archive.com/oselas@community.pengutronix.de/ ... maybe have a look through there.

Do you have the QuickStart guide for reference? Or OSELAS.BSP-Pengutronix-Generic-arm-Quickstart.pdf?

What is platform-MBa6x?
Hi Dave,
I am not able to find anything to solve this problem.
I have read the documents but got nothing regarding this.
@$(call install_copy, myapp, 1000, 1000, 0550, /opt/myappsw/myapp)

In looking at this again, doesn't 1000 refer to the file permissions? And you have user mylinux permissions?

I stopped using PTXdist a year ago when they stopped updating the BSP.
Ya, 1000 is a user mylinux permission.

Thank You.
If you select some other applications in ptxdist menuconfig do they build properly?
Yes, they are working properly.
I am facing this issue only in this app
Which build system you are using at present ?
After PTXdist I moved to Debian Jessie on the NanoPi and now on the RaspberryPi. I will be going to the remote location where all my Pengutronix info is today. I have some of my own rule files and maybe there are some notes. I don't recall that problem.

What permissions do you have on the other rules files?
Had a quick look at some of my rule files and they seem to be of the format

@$(call install_copy, thttpd, 0, 0, 0755, -, /usr/sbin/thttpd)

Would it be worth trying to change to 0, 0 instead of mylinux? Could you tell me why you didn't use root permissions?

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