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Need Clarification on Bakebit Digital Pins

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The diagram for the bakbit board digital pins shows D2-D3, D3-D4, D4-D5, D5-D6. When using the backbit library I what to use each of the pins as separate inputs. For D2 that's no problem because it's not shared between any other socket. But D3 is on two different sockets!!! Am I understanding the diagram correctly? If so then there are only 5 digital inputs and not eight. So what happens when you use two adjacent sockets D2-D3, D3-D4 using D3 as an input?

To clarify I'm using bakebit.pinMode(3,"INPUT") so which socket will that be assigned too? D2-D3 or D3-D4?????

This is confusing and should be updated in the manual and online documentation.
Interface 8 to 12 can be used as DI DO, There are 28 pins in total which can be used. If you want to use them as DI or DO please use interface 8, 10,12

I believe you meant to say interface 9 to 12 not 8 as this is RX/TX. But that does not answer my question. If I use interface 9 and pin D3 on that interface; then I also use interface 10 and D3 at the same time. Will I be able to use them separately or is D3 used by both interfaces? My initial testing shows that they are.
D3 is used by both interface 9 and interface 10,and can't use interface 10 and D3 at the same time if used interface 9 and pin D3
Exactly matches my findings when testing, which I find very annoying when connecting multiple digital inputs. This board also seems sensitive to the amount of current draw, but perhaps that is the NeoPlus2 itself.

Thanks for the reply.

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