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FriendlyARM Releases a New Pi: NanoPC-T3

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We released a new Pi member: NanoPC-T3.

Here is its product page:
http://www.friendlyarm.com/index.php?ro ... uct_id=123

Here is the CNX's report:
http://www.cnx-software.com/2016/04/29/ ... ls-for-60/
I'm excited by this, the other Octocore systems on the market are expensive and not always up to the task or don't provide access to all cores in an app. I hope this one turns out to be the board that really makes octocore units popular.

I am still a little underwhelmed by the apparent choice of GPU, having a lot of CPU power is great, but you should try to match it with decent GPU performance as well. I'd certainly pay a little more for a quad or octocore core GPU system married to an Octocore CPU and 2GB of Ram. Maybe next time?
We are working on the 2G model and wish to release it in the near future
could it also have multi core GPU?
Hi we are still working on the 2G model. The major difference is that its RAM is 2G and most of all the other features are the same as the 1G model
'm excited by this system Octocore others on the market are expensive and are not always up to the task or not access to all the apps. I hope this turns out to be a committee that really makes the popular octocore.
Hello, we continue to work on 2G form the key difference is a 2G RAM, and most of all the other features like pattern 1G.
Looks very nice but unfortunately still comes with a 3.4 kernel/image :cry: .

I'm more than willing to start using your boards in larger quantities but until I can get my hands on a 64-bit image I'm stuck on Pine64. Please get us 64-bit images ASAP, I'm sure it's worth the ROI.
So when will there be a NanoPC-T4 announcement and forum?
does it support multi core GPU.?
I am reviewing the capability of using NanoPC-T3 plus into our new project. I sent two emails to techsupport@friendlyarm.com
dated on 20/06/2018 and 28/06/2018. I have not received any response from you yet.
Is the email address on your website working?
This forum is more or less dead from a friendlyarm staff point of view. This "news" topic for example is not updated... you are looking for the "new" NanoPC-T3 but there is already a "NanoPC-T4".

Maybe the community can reply to your analysis, but don't expect replies from FriendlyElec from this forum.

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