I use Android 5.1 on Core4418 board. I found that in sleep (suspend) mode the Board consumes more than 300 mA. This is very much as I have to make the battery powered device.
I found this response to the command:
shell@nanopi2:/ # cat /sys/power/wake_lock
PowerManagerService.Display PowerManagerService.WakeLocks taken_from_init_nanopi2_rc

taken_from_init_nanopi2_rc keeps the processor awake. I removed taken_from_init_nanopi2_rc and then the CPU stopped waking up.
How to solve this problem and get the consumption current in suspend mode at 10-20 mA?
I have a Board from another manufacturer on the s5p6818 processor and it consumes 14 mA in suspend mode. Why does Core4418 consume so much in suspend mode?