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After a long search I found that resize2fs works only 1 time after burning the primary image.
Hello dears I have newly downloaded the "nanopi-duo_FriendlyCore-Xenial_4.14.0_20171208" image and wrote it on a 8G micro SD but "resize2fs" don't increase the partition size at start up. Older images do this automatically once @ system startup. How can I solve this problem ? roo...
Hello Guys. I need the CVBS output for a project with 4.11 kernel. By default it dosen`t work. Is there any way to enable it in FriendlyCore or Armbian ? It seems that orange pi zero has activated this option. thanks. You mean this: https://imgur.com/mFlD02q I saw it on IRC, but I haven't tried by ...
Hello Guys.
I need the CVBS output for a project with 4.11 kernel. By default it dosen`t work. Is there any way to enable it in FriendlyCore or Armbian ? It seems that orange pi zero has activated this option.

Dear all, I have noticed that new kernel 4.11 has missed support for usb2serial converters like CH340/341 , PL2303 , FT232 ! Older kernel 3.4.y has built-in support for these chips ? has any one experienced this matter ? should I recompile the kernel ? In Armbian is enabled by default . If you need...
Dear all,
I have noticed that new kernel 4.11 has missed support for usb2serial converters like CH340/341 , PL2303 , FT232 !
Older kernel 3.4.y has built-in support for these chips ?
has any one experienced this matter ? should I recompile the kernel ?
DWM-157 is one of the most familiar modems to linux systems. you can easily set it up

run lsusb
then copy the VID & PID to the following command:
usb_modeswitch -V $usb_vid -P $usb_pid

now you should check your device list tree and you may found ttyUSB0 and ttyUSB1.
Dear All ,
There is a noise on line outs from power up continuously and hazardous sound. when amplify the lines , it becomes much greater. I guess that lines tracks are not kept away from digital tracks in PCB design.
Yes , I have the same issue witj ILI9341 , I use the native driver (spidev) with C & gcc.
lcd refresh time is high.
I have 4 Nanopi Duo. All devices have the same MAC address on the wifi interface: dc:44:6d:c0:ff:ee! How can I change the address? I'm using the Ubuntu-distro. Interactive working via ssh is a pain. The device is responding very slow, there are large latencies. A small test with UDP Datagrams which...
I have the same problem USB dongle RTL8723BU works great and give me both WiFi and BT connectivity but onboard card XR819 fails . My AP has no security protocol like WEP or WPA , just has mac filtering and I have update the access list to support my Duo board but no connection. Even I check the AP l...
This key is connected to GPIOL3 & KEYADC according to the schematic released by FriendlyArm.
You can develop it according to your need.

Hello, I observed that my nanopi neo air date and time is always up-to-date. There is no NTP on my system and I cannot see any RTC in hardware specs found on the web (except that friendlyarm sold an external RTC module for i2c). In dmesg of linux 4.11.2: [ 2.019415] sun6i-rtc 1f00000.rtc: rtc core:...
Ok. Just i got your mean, this is a kernel problem should be answered by the friendlyarm developers!
But i guess that thermal issues cause this limitation in practice.
Hi! I've recently bought the Nano NEO 2, it has a H5 soc and on friendly arm says it runs a 1.5ghz. Looking into /sys/devices/system/cpu/cpu0/cpufreq/cpuinfo_max_freq it says 1008000, so more or less 1GHz (a lot less than 1.5...). The same in sclaling_max_freq and in scaling_available_frequencies. ...
tyson wrote:
Trying to connected spi and i2c interfaces to nano pi neo but does not detect it

Please use "ls /dev" and sed the results. there should be "i2c0" & "spidev0.0" .
what is new with the recently released kernel for nanopi neo (air) version : 3.4.39 2017-08-19 ?

Dear all
Is there a way to run eflasher and pass the arguments in the command ?

I need to schedule it at start up to do the job automatically after the boot in rc.local

Hello all.
Is there any guide to get interrupt from gpio in the C ?
I have tried poll() and ppoll() on "/sys/calss/gpio/gpioN/value" with "/direction" set to in and "/edge" set to both/faling/rising, not successful.

Thank you!
Dear all
Thankfully to Friendlyarm development team for releasing new kernel version , 4.11

https://www.mediafire.com/folder/n5o8ih ... hdtp5nkect

chensy wrote:
You can try in this way:


Thanks for your advise , but i want to permanently fix the cpu frequentcy to MAX.
seems that the kernel set the default value after every reboot.

Dear All
Any way to disable the frequency scaling due to cpu load and set to maximum for better performance ?

I used "echo performance > /sys/devices/system/cpu/cpu0/cpufreq/scaling_governor" in "/etc/rc.local"
but it will be changed to it`s default at the next boot.
I am testing these pads whit 3.7 li-ion when pressing the power button only one second leds on then goes off I think need some changes kernel severel times I am asking to friendly arm for these pads but I am not receive clearly answers for tihs why I dont know Yes , kernel should be updated. in the...
I understand. Thank you. Is it possible to just run eflasher, then mount the correct mmc partion, and copy in the wpa_supplicant.conf and then reboot. Just seems easier than sorting out a correct systemd service script. Follow up This hand done approach did work - though the correct partition was m...
I am failing to get the system to use wifi on boot after using eflasher. I have been developing with nanoPi NEO Air for several months, and have only had this problem since trying to update to the latest ROM, and using eflasher. I do NOT use a serial connection - wifi only. I use these boards in a ...
Hi There. I have nanoPi neo. I'm trying to connect USB WiFi dongle to it. I tried 3 types on ubuntu core setup. none of them works. 1 on ifconfig shows strange name of the interface not like wlan0 but some strange characters. can some ona give an advice or help? utek. hi due to the wiki : http://wi...
I got the driver in here "https://github.com/mwelchuk/usbtv"; when I type "dkms build -m usbtv -v 1.0" It just return me error like the following Error! Your kernel headers for kernel 3.4.39-s5p4418 cannot be found. Please install the linux-headers-3.4.39-s5p4418 package, or use...
Any one can help me set the gpio number for PPS signal ?
I checked ./linux/include/pps-gpio.h but can not assign the gpio number for pps.

Thank you.
Thanks for the update, Mindee! May i suggest to add a "what's new" file to the zip files at the download section? And one additional question: How can i update my image without copying a new image to my SD? The usual apt-get update and upgrade seem to not work. If i had to copy a new imag...
I don't think supporting a 3rd OS is better for us, the hardware making is a complex thing. I meant to support Armbian and DietPi instead of building an own OS. So you could use the joint forces of big communities and provide all your knowhow to these communities as well. Just an example: Currently...
Hello, It is possible to connect 3.7V lithium battery.But how did you get the zero voltage,is BAT+ to GND? The RTC is battery input, if there is no battery if not charged. hi I do not mean RTC battery . there is 2 pads near SD socket that should be in relation with PMIC AXP228 chip. How can I conne...
thomaspfeiffer wrote:
I see new images (at least new timestamps :-) ) in https://www.mediafire.com/folder/sr5d0q ... 5bwqbuxgxe - is there a "what's new" aka version history somewhere available?


The one I know is eflasher utility .
You can use the Matrix - NanoHat PCM5102A module.The module uses TI's DAC audio chip PCM5102A and NS' low-noise, ultra-low dropout LP2992 regulator. PCM5102A's sample rates up to 384kHz and its resolution is 32-bit.PCM data style is I2S. With thanks of your advise , PCM5102A does not have any contr...
Hi all
Any idea for Neo Air audio interfacing with popular DACs that needs a MCLK (256 * fs) ?
Many popular DACs like WM8731 needs a MCLK in excess of SCLK and BCLK.

As you know if needed to control the audio volume on a DAC it should be clocked by MCLK
for internal delta-sigma processor.
Hi, Where do you download the ' realtek RTL8723BU module' ? The friendlyarm linux-3.4.49 kernel has supported USB wifi driver, when you plug in a USB wifi the USB driver will automatic loading. thank you! I have download the source code from https://github.com/lwfinger/rtl8723bu I know the kernel s...
I'm just using a webcam, for 640x480 streaming. But still it doesn't works at all, I think it because the hardware decoder is not apply. I'm streaming mjpeg with no problem. FFMpeg uses H264 and H265 libs with no using your GPU ! if you play the stream it will uses GPU. The problem is when you want...
Hi I had same experience , both ffmpeg and ffplay seems to have problem, but the problem refer to the SD card. If the OS executed on an SD card , you can not play high definition videos. even there is a 720 p video in the Videos directory , when you play with normal size no problem appears but as so...
Hi all
i have prepaid the nanopi-air-eflasher-sd8g.img to a 8GB microsd and boot the neo air board
after login by root user and run eflasher command got the below error :

-bash: eflasher: command not found

the wiki has no more guide for me.

any advise ?
Hi All I want to compile github driver source for realtek RTL8723BU module. since it needs linux source , I have downloaded friendlyarm linux-3.4.49 from github to /usr/src then edit Makefile and adjust KSRC to /usr/src/linux-3.4.49 and KVER to $(uname -r) and MODDESTDIR to /lib/modules/3.4.49-s5p44...
Dear FATech Support I have a question , about lithium battery pads near SD card socket in M2 board. Is it possible to connect 3.7V lithium battery to it? Your schematic approves there should be no problem. maybe some changes in U-Boot needed to reconfigure the PMU chip. Normally it should have 4.2V ...
Hi Sorry for the late reply. About the faulted board , there is no system message after power up. seems that bootloader has problem. I test my USB2UART adapter with another board to make sure it is correct and it works properly with other boards. The baud rate i detected was 115kbps for system debug...
Dear Friendly ARM Tech Support I have a similar problem with one the nano pi M2 boards. after plugging the power , only the green LED is on and blue LED ,which is code executing blinker , does not blink at all. and the board does not boot. I have used HD-HC TF cards and 2 ampers charger and HDMI to ...
Dear All. There is a good package for partition management with GUI too !. In the other hand Nano Pi 2 has 2 slots for SD cards so you can put the SD card for partitioning in the second slot and unmount it simply with no error. Try installing gparted : $ sudo apt-get install gparted after installati...
Dear FA support, I work with Nano Pi2 for several projects. one of them needs audio and I want to play sound with cheap usb audio solution. Unfortunately the Nano Pi2`s audio is routed to SPDIF transceiver in Debian GNU/Linux which is not mapped to I/O ports :( . I searched many forums but seems tha...
you guessed right & it is excellent that this board has RTC backup battery holder.
Thanks for your guide.
Hi there.
I have bought a nanopi2 hardware. there are 2 pads on the board between RAM chip and WiFi module, seems to be for battery wire soldering. Is it correct?
and if correct, which type of battery could be connected? rechargeable battery or non-rechargeable CR20xx type?