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I'm using nanopi M4V2 with camera module CAM1320 and I'm trying to play with AF (auto focus) function.
Any one already use AF? I have no option on v4l2.

To get this to work, you need to make sure you select the correct SPI interface. Next up is working out the GPIO and changing the source to map it to the RK3399. The WiFi has a good section on how to deal with mapping GPIO names to GPIO pins. The Raspberry PI is for the Broadcom processor and hence...
Your only option to get this working is to either find an SPI based driver for the XPT2047/ADS7846 and try getting this to work on your board or you may need to write your own if none exists. The ADS7846 is very easy to use and once you have calibration done, it will work well. Once you configure i...
Im using rk3399-eflasher-friendlydesktop-bionic-4.4-arm64-20191227

thanks for reply

I'm able to take a photo and zoom it, it says XPT2046 it came with a cd with some documents and pin out info,
I will share on my google drive https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1eOYgGS9YlTOGAAW5F308ZlrFi1DJTaEj?usp=sharing

thanks for help

I buy an Mipi3508 3.5" HDMI Display-B 480x320 dots v1.2 compatible with rasberry pi, but I didn't know the touch by GPIO pins will not work on my new nanopi m4v2.

Anyone is able to put it to run on nanopi?
Thanks, No It's my first time, for now I'm just copping the diagram from pdf to eagle to use the design of M4v2 as starting point, after that I will add some buttons and sensor and stuff like that, this way I end with one board with all the stuff i need with out hats and breadboards and lose wires. ...
Thanks for reply, I trace the brand to Rayson website but no datasheet on: http://www.szrayson.com/?show-165-1.html and http://www.szrayson.com/?thread-25-8-0-p_2.html I sended an email asking for datasheet to szrayson but no reply until now. I sended a mail to FA support and now replay too until no...
Hi, I planing to make a board based on NanoPi M4V2, basicaly I will put all my stuff in one board only, And I'm following the diagrams available on wiki at page 5 it says LPDDR4_200BALL in place of the LPDDR4 ram model And I have no ideal which one to use. I'm using Eagle CAD How can I find the mode...