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Thanks! It also looks to me that they are compatible but decided to double check.

We would like to switch from SOM-RK3399 to SOM-RK3399V2. Are those pin-to-pin compatible?

Also is dev board for SOM-RK3399 suitable for SOM-RK3399V2?

Thanks a lot for pointing! Looks clear now.
This should be fine. Could you please guide me to some examples / links? Thanks a lot!
Thanks a lot! This is exactly what I was looking for.
I'm using RK3399 + Android + HD702 touchscreen. I would like to change the orientation from default portrait to landscape. I need to do this on kernel level to have Android logo in landscape orientation during boot process too. I've been following this tutorial: https://tinkerboarding.co.uk/forum/th...
I have network device connected to Ethernet port of RK3399. This is recognized as primary network connection and it disables WiFi on RK3399. As soon as I disconnect network device from LAN ports the WiFI connection is available again. I would like to use both Ethernet and WiFi connections at the sam...
I'm developing the system which will be using SOM-RK3399 and powered from the Li-ion battery. The system is running Android. Currently, Android shows battery as 'Fully Charged' all time. Is it possible to add any battery fuel gauge IC to the system (I2C / SMBUS) which will allow showing the actual p...