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UPDATE: SOLVED! You were correct about my serial board. It can't handle a rate of 115200. I purchased 2 serial modules. A CH340G and a CP2102. Both worked well, but the CP2102 worked even at 1500000 (not with the Nano PI Fire3 of course), whereas the other did not. Here is the exact product: https:/...
Ok, I've ordered a different model. I only have one currently.
Due to the length of time it requires to get one here from china, should I create a new thread or just post here when I receive it?
Ok, I wrote the armbian image to a separate SDHC card. I'm still getting garbage though. I just tried 115200 speed. I'm getting the same junk I got with the original image.
I have verified the image and mounted the fs to check I wrote it correctly on my main computer.
Hello, I'm trying to boot my Fire3 to see if it works. I've written the SDHC card and, as I don't have 1 of the 2 screens or a Micro HDMI adapter (I did buy one, and it magically turned into an anti-snoring device :( ), I wanted to use my serial UART adapter. I plugged it in as pictured: http://wiki...