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Ignore the first part. - Cleared history cache and cookies then restartet WEB browser it looks OK.

Second part:

Will we see SBC with 2GB RAM and big eMMC?
Will we see a NanoPI NEO (NEO2?) with all serial ports availible (not only 2 + debug serial) on GPIO, 2GB RAM, 8 GB eMMC (or more)?

The 3.3V serial porst are ideell to interface Victron MPPT (solar charge controllers), BMV-702 (battery monitors) and invertesrs.

Why is it only the "H3(Allwinner H3)" par of forum that is possible to enter new threat's?


Will we se NanoPi with quad/octo core, 2GB RAM (or more), 16 GB eMMC (or more), 1GB Ethernet?