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I found a very exciting news regarding new OS. FriendlyARM released Android10 images on last month.
Does anybody know when the source code is also available from the Google cloud? I could not find the android10 source code from the repositories.

Thanks a lot.
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JK Cha
Hi All During LTE module test I found an issue regarding LTE to WIFI Handover problem. When both WIFI and LTE are connected, The handover from WIFI to LTE works fine. However the problem occurred when disable LTE and turn on WIFI. The WIFI signal become too weak to find available AP. The symptom is ...
Hi All.

Is there any guidance to upgrade the Android 8.1 to 9.0 Pie or Newer version?
It would be very helpful if the entry point would be given.

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Hi All. Does anyone know how to set the camera exposure time manually? I am using Android 8.1 with OpenCV-dual camera mode. And I can see params.setExposureCompensation() in javaCameraView.java of OpenCV Android SDK. The above API seems not enough to see the contant preview quality. My camera previe...
Also you can increase the volume value of the path what you selected.
Hi Shaneo We don't use the internal microphone. and then I could record the sound using Headset Mic by modifying rt5651.c and rt5651_config.h as below. @rt5651.c static const struct snd_kcontrol_new rt5651_snd_controls[] = { ... /* IN1/IN2 Control */ //SOC_SINGLE_TLV("IN1 Boost", RT5651_IN...
Dear All. I am now testing audio part of RK3399-Android 8.1 using Sound Recorder App. After I changed rt5651_config.h and rt5651.c to route bst3 input since my custom board uses IN3P as headset microphone. My configuration is below for rt5651_config.h const struct config_control rt5651_main_mic_capt...
Dear Sir. I am new to Android audio after bought nanopc-t4. I am using Android 8.1 20190718 version. I am trying to use headset microphone as well as internal mic. (Original T4 board does not have headset mic connection. thus my team's custom H/W made connection from headset microphone to IN3P.) Sin...
Hello All I am new to Audio driver. I used NanoPC-T4 and Android 8.1 running (20190718 baseline cloned from gitlab oreo). My team made a custom RK3399 board based on NanoPC-T4. Differences are only from eMMC and Microphone. The original T4 boards does not support Headset Microphone. But we connected...