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Hi I have installed Ubuntu-Core 16.04 with 4.1.2 kernel on my nanopi-m1 board but there is no kernel support for fbtft driver! I need it to use my LCD display! It must be added in kernels above 4.10 but why there isn't in your kernel? How can I add it? May you add it to your kernel and upload it for...
I have a nanopi m1 and 2 goteck GS9018 mini servo motors. I like to connect my servo to my board but I don't know how can I do it?
I can connect 1 motor with wiringPi library and using pin33(debug port) but , what about 2 servo motors?
I have installed ubuntu core + Qt on my nanopi-m1 sd card, but there is no terminal window to install anything! How should I install something on ubuntu core?

I have this LCD http://www.elecfreaks.com/wiki/index.ph ... TFT01-2.2S and want to connect it directly with my m1 board. Is it possible? and how can I do it?

I have nanopi m1 uses Debian but I couldn't fix the time! I did some steps as you can see here : http://unix.stackexchange.com/questions ... e-and-time
but the problem still not solved!