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Any news regarding Android Pie?
Thanks for the info!
Dear Friendly Elec Team,

When will Android Pie be available for RK3399 devices?

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Dear Tiemichael,

Thanks a lot for your help and the files! So, even if the settings are wrong for the connected panel the backlight should always power on? I ordered a new cable now to check whether the old one is causing the issue. I will keep you updated!

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Thanks for the reply, any detailled help is greatly appreciated! I tried to follow the docs (https://usermanual.wiki/Document/RockchipDRMPanelPortingGuideV1320171209.470297770.pdf) from Rockship which involved modifying a dts-file for the kernel and enabling the panel with sys.hwc.device.extend=eDP....
Did you succeed connecting the panel via eDP?
I've downloaded supersu 2.82. The zip folder from chainfire. The instructions I posted are referring to the SuperSU version from https://github.com/khadas/supersu. There all files I mentioned should be present and you don't need any additional files. 1) You mention being able to make any folder ins...
1. When you say /vendor/root, my "vendor" folder doesn't have root. Do I make the folder? This is a fresh download of the source. - Yes, just create it. You can actually use any folder you want it just has to be referenced correctly inside "/device/rockchip/rk3399/nanopc_t4.mk"....
You are welcome, glad it works!
Then try embedding SuperSU instead. That works for sure! The steps are: 1. Put the downloaded files into /vendor/root (make sure that you also copy the hidden file!) 2. Change root.mk: replace "vendor/amlogic/root" by "vendor/root" 3. Add also the line "vendor/root/su:system...
Hi guys, Userdebug only means that you can get root access via adb. 1) Regarding the boot.img: By default the boot.img does not contain the kernel. Change the targed in "device/rockchip/common/mkimage.sh" to TARGET="ota" to get a boot.img which you can patch with Magisk and flash...