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Anybody know an elegant way to add an NVME SDD (via m.2 slot) and let it be recognized by android.

1) as a primary boot drive?
2) (other scenario) as secondary drive? (boot from emmc)?

Thanks in advance!

Hi Dave,

To satisfy your curiosity :D : I'm using the t4 for home automation control panels.(i'm using 23" IIyama panels connected via HDMI/USB).


Hi Dave, Awesome, seems to work! :D I tried changing the setting in debug mode and it seems functional, however have yet to do power measurements to verify lower amps. Added info for future reference: a reboot of android seems to be required after changing this setting in developers options for it t...
Hi Dave,

Thanks for the reply. I have not previously considered building my own image from scratch, seemed daunting but now i'm going to look into it.

BTW: have you encountered the same problem when you build your own image?

Hi fellow developers, I have a T4 board with the latest android 8.x.x image from Friendly Elec. Most things seem to be working fine, but there is one mayor issue i noticed. It seems impossible to put the board in power saver mode or sleep mode. i'm using the boards with a touchscreens and this is ca...
Dear fellow hackers/developers, Anyone know a way to put te T4 (Android image) in battery saver mode/ sleep mode? It's normally a standard feature of Android 8.x.x that is configureable, however the latest android ROM from FriendlyElec has the option 'Settings>Battery> battery saver mode' grayed out...