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Nanopi ARM926EJ-S internet connection I woud like to connect to Internet thru a Debian 9.4 PC. I wanna install some Debian jessie packages. ssh is working, i can login using a microUSB cable. PC- side: root@gnu000:/tmp# ifconfig enp0s19f2u2c2i2 ssh root@ password: fa root@...
I woud like to use ttySAC0 at 57600,n,8,1

How to disable the boot settings ?

May i set it to "console=null" inside prebuilt/sdevn.raw ?

and add to this inside /etc/rc.local

stty -F /dev/ttySAC0 clocal raw speed 57600

i appreciate any help


I would like to know the steps to connect to internet thru a Debian 9.4 PC. ssh is working thru USB. 1- at PC side i set: ifconfig enp0s19f2u2c2i2 ssh password "fa" works. my network is my router: should i set NAT at PC side ? how ? 2-...