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mandgeo wrote:
Are there any plans to make this board officially supported by openwrt?

This you need to ask OpenWRT folks.
@igorp Your comments are confusing me. I am trying hard to explain you where you are, but I can't really do much. You suggested armbian would be a better OS for better community support. I heard you and pointed out the issue I ran into with armbian. I am not saying its without issues, but if you wa...
You recommended armbian because, as you said "You can simply use Armbian which is better than Ubuntu in just about any case. And it has active community support, the most important part, which Ubuntu will never have." It's just a recommendation, a hint that can save you a lot of time. I'm...
I tried Armbian first, but ran into inconsistencies in the network port bring-up. That issue does not seem affect friendlycore-lite-focal. I've posted on the Armbian forum: https://forum.armbian.com/topic/17286-nanopi-r4s-4gb-network-ports-have-inconsistent-behavior-on-startup-with-armbian-21021/ A...
Is there a way to install standard arm64 Ubuntu 20.04 on the R4S? Do I need the serial console to do this? Alternatively, can the kernel in friendlycore-lite-focal be upgraded from 4.19 to 5.10.x? Any tips/pointers would be greatly appreciated. - there is no way, because standard arm64 won't boot. ...
Hello, According to https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Releases Ubuntu 16.04.7 LTS would end support in April 2021. Are there any negative impact continuing to use zeropi_sd_friendlycore-xenial_4.14_armhf_20191219.img.zip? Are there any plans to release a newer image? You don't need to worry. https://docs.arm...
https://docs.armbian.com/Release_Changelog/ v21.02.3 (2021-03-09) - All kernels received upstream updates - All images has been rebuilt - Fixed reboot troubles on meson64 family (Odroid N2, C2, H4, HC4) - ZSH upgrade fixed - Type-C DP support for the NanoPC T4 - NanoPi M4V2 stability fix for current...
Hello, I have a number of SBCs with the Rockchip 3328 SOC; now the NanoPi NEO3 too. Oddly, the NanoPi NEO3 is the most power hungry and the hottest of the bunch, despite running at the same frequency (1.3 GHz). I'm running stock FriendlyCore, with the latest updates. This suggests that the CPU volt...
Hi everyone, I try to set up a PN532 (correctly set to HSU mode) module on a NanoPi Neo Air with UART. I'm using a 3.3V output, ground, and UART1_TX/GPIOG6 connected to PN532 Rx and UART1_RX/GPIOG7 connected to PN532 Tx. I'm trying to read serial with : cat /dev/ttyS1 (I've tried S0,S1,S2) or with ...
mech06 wrote:
Hi everybody,

I want to load ubuntu 20.04 to core4418 (s5p4418). Is there any image file.

Good Day.

If you can come up with something like this:
you will also have all future versions.
FrankM wrote:

You have a really great product R4S. Thanks for it!

How do I get the board out of the housing? I would have to go to the UART interface


screws are behind rubber pads
Raymond Day wrote:
Hi when I log in to my nanopi-neo it says this.

Is there a way to upgrade it?

-Raymond Day

Spirare wrote:
Fist let me know if the is the right place to post this...thanks.

Decoding 1080p is not great...cpu running almost 100% with 6 treads and very hot ! Display is 4K.

It's great - you just don't user proper approach: https://forum.armbian.com/topic/16516-r ... framework/
Only AX cards I have seen were pcie or m2 cards. no joy for you... I am in similar boat since the manufacturers seldom advertise the VendorId and ProdId values. The only usb3/AC adapter I have is using the RTL8822BU (TP-Link Archer T3U Plus) . lsusb report "2357:0138" but does not create ...
Thank you for the info :D Would it be possible using Armbian to connect it using VNC to have a GUI accessing from an external computer? Armbian is improved Debian or Ubuntu with improved mainline kernel specialised / focused to ARM single board computers - your by far best chance for getting things...
There is Armbian https://www.armbian.com/nanopi-r4s/ so it is possible.
Armbian 20.11.3 bugfix release is out! Detailed report - what has been fixed and what's new:
https://www.armbian.com/newsflash/armbi ... ix-update/
Update which includes some nic driver stability fixes on R2S
https://www.armbian.com/newsflash/armbi ... ix-update/
Hi all! I currently can not find the eflash image friendlycore-xenial_4.14 for Nanopi NEO CORE. Only found nanopi-neo-core_eflasher_openwrt_4.14_armhf_YYYYMMDD.img.zip. But when i boot the board had this issue: Failed to mount /mnt/sdcard. Could anyone help me? Thank you. Perhaps try this approach:...
viper123 wrote:
I might want to evaluate M4 and have my truck all set. I've been glancing through the discussion and couldn't discover anything.

Is there a connector I have to run nvme ( M.2 2280 ) on the NanoPi M4?

That's on T4. With M4 it comes with a case / addon.
Héctor wrote:

If there is a sdcard the NanoPi R1 boots of sdcard.

I want boot from emmc first.

I want this boot sequence.

1) emmc
2) sdcard


Best Regards

Click on link on a previous post and read few posts.
Héctor wrote:

Is it possible to change the boot order on a NanoPi R1 , Ubuntu 16.04.7 LTS 4.14.111

Thank you so much

Best Regards

From where do you want to boot from?

https://forum.armbian.com/search/?q=boo ... &fromCSE=1
Thanks for the replies. @igorp, I was able to install armbian, and although the power LED still blinks as it did, I can now access the device through the network! Using armbian-config, I generated a diag file (http://ix.io/2AVD) to see what is going on. Other than a reference to ledtrig-cpu (the bl...
I've been using a R2S board for a while and after rebooting it to apply a new configuration option (port forwarding), the device's power LED started blinking. 2 blinks per second approx. The unit is no longer responding to pings, etc. I tried flashing a new copy of the FriendlyWrt image and I get t...
Thank you I know about armbian... but the support and compatibility is not the same as with a specific image including all available peripherals. Its not the same true, its probably better. Hardware wise and also on userland level. Legacy kernel is the same: https://github.com/armbian/build/blob/ma...
theshade wrote:
Same question, can someone from friendly elec team please reply

Almost all FA boards
But, it's going to be too much work for most people who don't even know about single board computers. It depends. SBC can be from purchasing chip and make a custom PCB around .... some purchases x86 ready to run device ... to do their stuff. It's just a big enough hassle that makes me want to explo...
I don't want to rely on distribution support which is not scalable to all hardwares. Armbian is a build system: https://github.com/armbian/build#compare-with-industry-standards and on a hardware which it covers usually your best option. Somewhere your only. Others option will cost you more. Armbian...
If you document build steps well, distributions will support your board Non-commercial distros that have big enough base already do the best they can while commercial, the majority, ... Canonical has a price list per hardware, also with Manjaro you can clearly see that they only support those who p...
If I could spare a million euro per year, I would look into a standard open-source re-useable boot interface that every ARM single board computer can easily reuse. Even you have a million you can't purchase things that does not exists, right? And if everything is working for you, you will not spent...
https://forum.radxa.com/t/is-rock-pi-x-going-to-require-device-tree/4553 says Rock Pi X is an x86_64 single board computer that comes with UEFI and does not require device tree. It will be interesting to explore x86 single board computers. Got few around and no idea what to do with them. UEFI aka B...
I think you are biased toward armbian. I want to figure out the exact steps without using third party tools Yes I am biased, but I am showing you the fastest track to build and learn. I have been doing so on x86 computers. I don't want to be reliant on armbian to bootstrap another linux distributio...
To me, https://github.com/friendlyarm/sd-fuse_rk3328 seems more digestible than armbian. Armbian is a huge codebase. Understanding a huge code base is more difficult than reading documents. That code base is preparing things to compile u-boot. With Armbian you run ./compile "u-boot" and i...
I use either gentoo or artix linux. In ARM single board computers you have to forget about the "luxury" of distro hopping. Analyzing armbian is difficult. Analysing RAW material, the source of that, is more complicated. That's what I am trying to tell you. Difference between Gentoo and Ar...
crocket wrote:
Is NanoPi R2s going to be soon supported by mainline linux and mainline u-boot?

For that you will have to look elsewhere.

... Armbian runs improved mainline u-boot / kernel combo :)
crocket wrote:
armbian is a complex beast.

Things are far more complex :D Armbian kills great portion of that complexity and I agree it could be done more.
Enjoy today's #armbian bugfix and features update! https://docs.armbian.com/Release_Changelog/
Enjoy today's #armbian bugfix and features update! https://docs.armbian.com/Release_Changelog/
Ok, understood. I can send the rk3328-nanopi-neo3-rev02.dts if I have an email address. Please note, the rk3328-codec is not supported on Neo3, instead the pcm5201a codec has been configured, this works fine. This https://docs.armbian.com/Process_Contribute/ is best/recommended/most convenient way....
not clear what you are trying to express Armbian implementation could be few months quicker and we already provide mainline 5.8.y based kernels with many specific and general problems fixed. armbian did not work either. Yeah, DT is the same. https://github.com/armbian/build/blob/master/config/board...
gkkpch wrote:
I will send FA a working neo3 device tree version, when they are interested

but may need and end up with Ubuntu for support purposes. Going for Ubuntu would be a downgrade since Ubuntu has no dedicated support for this hardware and Ubuntu from FriendlyArm is not really more then a fixed kernel POC, a demonstration what a hw can do. It receive little to no update. Upstream ...
I recently bought a NEO3 and installed Ubuntu Core. I need to use the UART and some GPIO pins if possible. I cannot find any documentation. Has anyone got something worked out already? I need an extra UART for communication to an Arduino. I want to keep using the default UART for debugging and cons...
I have a recent download running on the NEO3 with Ubuntu 18.04 loaded. (from lsb command). I am trying to install a realtek driver for the rt18812au and need to have the headers. Using dkms build gives error Please install the linux-headers-5.4.40 package, I didn't find an aarch64 set of headers on...