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Noticication every 2 minutes: Connecting to NTP

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I'm running NAS OpenMediaVault on Nano Pi NEO2 (Debian Jessie) Kernel 4.11.2.

I have set up notification from my NAS which is good, but when I allowed to NTP time synchronization I'm bombarded on e-mail every 2 minutes information:

Connecting to NTP server
log: /var/log/sync_ntp_rtc.log

where shall I seek problem?
well, so I found reason of my problem by myself :)

all is about CRON job, last line from /etc/crontab

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*/2 * * * * root /bin/bash /usr/bin/sync_ntp_rtc.sh
- that mean that this scrip will run every 2 minutes

solution: I have changed this line to run every 24 hours

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* */24 * * * .....

or it is possible to disable send email notification (I didn't test it) by adding at the end of this line

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>/dev/null 2&>1


Re: disable email notification, show us your

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file contents.

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