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How to Update Android

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I wanted to know once I have installed Android, how I'm suppose to update it to new versions which are released by FriendlyELEC.

Is there a easy way to update it from within the Android like most devices?

I used the eFlasher on SDCard to install the Android 7.

The only way is to completely reflash your device which means losing all software and data.

FriendlyArm don't build an OTA file which would allow you to update without erasing everything.

So, unless you build your own from source and then work out how to create and install updates, a full reflash is your only current option.
v8dave wrote:
The only way is to completely reflash your device which means losing all software and data.

avensis wrote:
Yes unfortunately the reflash is the only way.

Ah bummer. Setting everything from scratch after updating is a long process. They should simplify the update system.
It looks like we can do this but only if we work with the source code ourselves. This Google page explains how to create the OTA update package but we can only do this if we have the original package, which we will have if we do our own build.


I am going to see if I can generate an OTA update and then boot the device into recovery mode and see if I can apply the update. I'll try adding a new APK file to the system and some other small changes to the XML files. I'll report back later if I can get this to work.
Have you been able to find a solution for OTA-update?
I am looking for an idea which allows to re-flash a new FW without erasing user-data...

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