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screen orientation on Fire3 with S430

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Using Image friendlyCore(64bit) with Qt.

When the board starts up a splash-screen is shown on the LCD display but it is in the wrong orientation for the screen therefore it is only half visible. Looks very bad !!!

Can someone please tell me how to change the splashscreen or how to remove it .... is it a kernel rebuild ???
I don't mind a FRIENDLYARM logo but it would be nice to know how we could change it.

Actually we are using the LCD screen in Landscape Mode.
I am building a Qt Application which works well .... but of course have to export ROTATION=90 before loading.
It would be nice if we could also rotate the boot text on startup.
Maybe this can help you.
https://www.makeuseof.com/tag/customize ... ogo-linux/

Or to disable it:
https://askubuntu.com/questions/33416/h ... -text-inst

I hop that helped;
Hi Thankyou for your suggestions but sorry I dont think it helps.

I can find no evidence of the plymouth tool included in the FriendlyCore release image.
I guess I could try to add this but I dont really want to overcomplicate things by installing extra bits of software that I dont really need.

Confusingly I also cannot find etc/grub or /etc/default/grub or any mention of grub anywhere at all !

I dont want or need to do anything fancy !!
What is important is to find the FRIENDLY ARM logo which is displayed [in the wrong orientation -- and hanging off the edge of the screen] at startup and to replace it with something that at least fits on to the display.

Is there logo.bmp in /media/pi/boot like the T3 ?

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