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Nano Pi2 Wifi, does not find any networks?

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Hi, I have come back to my Pi2 to try out some work, since it only has a wifi connection option I assumed it would be quite secure and easy.
But after burning a fresh SD card with Debian, I find I have a couple of issues.

1 the screen res... its only 720 I would like it 1080, but this is minor

2 the Wifi, it does not detect any networks, even from the wifi router on my desk inches away from it, is there some activation issue I am missing?

With no other way to access the internet, its quite important I get this wifi to work, can someone please advise?
Ah I found it, The wiki said something about WifiAP and I noticed my PC sometimes found a NanoPi2 transmitter

I used this command in a terminal
turn-wifi-into-apmode no

and then went back to the wifi manager and it now sees all my networks and allows a connection and update.

Still stuck on screen res though?

I hope this is helpful to others.

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