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OverlayFS not working

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I tried to use overlayfs (overlayroot package) in Ubuntu to enable a read-only file system on NanoPi NEO-Plus2.
I followed the general instructions to install overlayroot package and editing /etc/overlayroot.conf to enable it.
However after reboot, there is no change and the root partition ( / ) is still rw mounted. No overlayfs in the list of mounted points.
I also rebuilt the Kernel "Image" on the boot partiotion with options changed CONFIG_OVERLAY_FS=m to CONFIG_OVERLAY_FS=y
However, this didn't help at all.

any suggestion? any Idea?

Hello. Did you solve your problem? I try to do same procedure.
No. I finally decided to install Armbian on my device, which provides OverlayFS out of the box.

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